When contributing articles or participating in discussions at Otome Jikan, these things should be kept in mind:

  • All information posted must be of your own writing. If you are referencing another article or someone else's translation, make sure you give them proper credit.
  • Please try to post in proper English. Obviously emoticons and acronyms are all right, but if y0UR coment loks lyke dis, it will likely be frowned upon, though we probably won't go so far as to delete it.
  • This is a website run by otome gamers for other otome gamers. If you dislike otome games, this is probably not the site for you. Rather than sit around and make hateful comments, it'd be a better use of your time to go find something that you do enjoy.
    • Hate speech, discriminatory or incendiary speech, and bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated. Please treat other users on this website with respect.
  • Articles posted to this site cannot contain any information on illegal downloads, fan translation patches, scanlations, fansubs, or anything else that is of questionable legality. We'd like to support the industry and stay on good terms with otome media creators, so please do not post about those things.
    • Similarly, any comments asking for illegal downloads or about translation patches will be deleted.
    • Also, unless specifically stated otherwise, it's probably safe to assume that any Japanese otome game posted about here will not be getting localized, so please don't ask. We have no power over whether or not a Japanese otome game gets picked up by western companies.
  • Regarding the use of articles posted to this website, we generally would prefer that you do excerpts of relevant material instead of reposting the whole article elsewhere, particularly if it's an editorial or review. In either case, credit to the author and/or a link back to the original article or to Otome Jikan is necessary.


  • The information on this website is meant for educational and entertainment purposes. Any pictures posted are to facilitate that; no copyright infringement is intended.
  • While we try to do our best when it comes to translations and summaries of Japanese news, all of us are volunteers with varying Japanese language skills. We make no guarantee that the information here is 100% accurate. For the most reliable news, you will have to visit the articles/posts/websites that we refer to in our posts.
  • Editorials contain the opinions of the author(s) who write them. One contributor's opinion is not necessarily shared by all of the other contributors.

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