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So you'd like to join the staff of Otome Jikan? Great! We'd love to have you! Our vision for this site is for it to be one big community, so there's no application process involved—you simply let an Admin know that you're interested and you'll be given Contributor status, no questions asked. However, in the interests of keeping all the posts here at a higher standard of quality, your post will be proofread and edited if errors are found. Otome Jikan is a collaborative effort. Please keep that in mind before asking to become a Contributor.

Otome Jikan also has a fun and unique co-authors feature! So if you're not completely confident in your Japanese ability and want to team up with a more experienced translator or want to partner with a friend to write an editorial together, it's possible to set multiple authors for a post. All co-authors will be able to edit the post and after it's published, you'll all be listed as the authors.

Here's how the different user ranks boil down.


This is the default user group that you're put in after registering. Subscribers are only able to read Otome Jikan and make comments.


This is the entry level staff position. Becoming a Contributor grants you the ability to make posts and upload images. However, Contributors' posts cannot be published by themselves. Once completed by the Contributor, they are placed into a queue so that they can be checked by an Editor or Admin. Approval isn’t really a super strict process or anything, we’re just quality-checking your post for tags, proper image usage, etc etc. If there are a few stylistic or grammatical errors, they’re corrected. We understand that English is not everyone's first or best language, so we don't mind mistakes—that's what Editors are there for! We want to encourage as many people to participate in Otome Jikan as possible without feeling nervous about their language abilities. After quality checking, the post is published and leaves the queue.


This is the next level up. The difference between a Contributor and an Author is that an Author can publish a post that they've drafted without it being put into the queue. The article then immediately shows up on the website. After a Contributor has shown that they are capable of making proper posts (usually after two or three published posts), they'll be bumped up to Author status so that they can publish their own posts instead of waiting around for someone to approve it.

Note: The only reason for this distinction between Contributors and Authors is that the Admins don't know all of the people who ask to become Contributors. This makes sense, as the otome community is huge. Thus, we have no way of knowing a person's writing ability or whether or not they can follow instructions, etc. Rather than having everyone go through a complicated application process, we figure the easiest way for people to show that they are capable of becoming Authors is by letting them just dive right in and write articles. With more than 20 Editors on staff, it should not take long for a Contributor's post to be edited and/or approved.


The Editors, on top of having all the permissions that Authors have, also have the ability to publish and edit other people’s posts. (Authors can only publish and edit their own) At the moment, this status is reserved for those whom the Admins or other Editors know personally. That way, we can vouch for their character and know they won’t mess around with other people’s stuff for no reason. Most of the Editors on the site now are mostly there to help with general upkeep of the site, proofreading, smoothing out post formats, etc. A number of them won’t actually be posting much.


The Administrators are really just Editors who also have the ability to tinker with the website itself. They have the ability to grant people Contributor status, mess with the layout, and do other code-related things, but for the most part they are just like Editors. The Admins aren’t really Admins in the truest sense—OJ is a democracy. An Admin's opinion isn't any more or less important than a Contributor's opinion. It’s just that they have experience with using WordPress and taking care of other website-related things. Admins are made Admins so that they can deal with that sort of thing.

Comment Moderators

This is an independent group. Of course all of the Admins are also comment moderators, but some moderators are also Authors or Editors. At present, there are around 10 comment moderators in varying timezones, so if your comment enters the moderation queue, it should be approved fairly quickly as long as it follows our general guidelines.

We are always "hiring" people for:

  • posting news articles — if you’re not fluent in Japanese, you can always post news about English otome games!
  • posting editorials/opinion pieces/reviews
  • adding releases to the calendar

If you're interested in joining, please send the staff an email at