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Are you an aspiring blogger or a small business owner looking to start their WordPress website? Well, you might be scratching your head over which WordPress theme to choose for your first website.      

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your website is an essential task that can make or break your website. Especially when you’re starting, you want a WordPress website that can have your back and is easy to use so that you can learn the ropes.

Using free WordPress themes is a great way to start your very first website. Free WordPress themes from a good source can even compete with premium themes in terms of their looks and features. 

Free themes of Rara Themes offer a solid set of features that help give you a headstart on your journey. 

At Rara Themes, we offer a large collection of free WordPress themes suited for various niches. These themes aren’t one-size-fits-all but rather tailor-made to add special value to their target niches. At the same time, our free WordPress themes answer all functional needs with translation-ready and responsive design. As far as free WordPress themes go, you cannot get much better than this. 

Why Choose Free WordPress Themes?

Free or premium WordPress themes? It is a common confusion for new bloggers and small business owners. WordPress is one of the most versatile content management systems out there. Free WordPress themes usually lack customization options as well as the performance and security features of premium themes.

Initially, keeping costs down is a top priority. You will have to spend money on several things, such as purchasing a domain name and an excellent hosting service. 

It can be challenging to choose between saving cost and having advanced features when you’re starting. This is especially the case as you have no way of knowing how important a particular feature is. How vital are customization features? Do I need a responsive design?  

Using a free WordPress theme is an excellent choice if you’re just starting on your WordPress journey. As long as you use free themes from trusted WordPress authors, you can get the best in looks and performance without paying a dime. 

The lack of too many advanced features in free WordPress themes also allows you to better learn your way around the WordPress platform. 

Why Rara Themes?

At Rara Themes, we set a high standard for our work, which translates directly to our free themes. When looking for free WordPress themes, you want one with a design that sets your website apart with a substantial codebase that you can trust. 

We design our free themes to meet all these needs. 

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 1

Our themes are built upon a robust codebase that assures excellent performance. All of our themes meet the WordPress standards, and our free themes are listed in the WordPress theme directory, having passed its complete review process

We also pay equal attention to the front end, where the magic happens. Rara Themes offers 50+ free WordPress themes that are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. We offer just the right elements. Our themes help create a striking impression and get the job done. 

In this section, we’ll elaborate on the reasons you should pick Rara Themes and not others. 

A Theme For Every Niche 

Rara Themes’s free themes aren’t cookie cutters. They are purposely built to offer added value to their target niche. Look at some of the niches that we cater to with our free and premium themes below:

1. Business Consulting Themes

We offer several free themes for business consulting websites that showcase your business firm in the best way. Themes like Rara Business and Construction Company focus on sober, flat design, and highly readable Google Fonts. 

Our business themes come with a powerful home page layout with a variety of information sections. Using sections, such as Services, About Us, and Contact Us, you can introduce your business organization in the best way and set up an action to generate leads. Many of our free business themes also support the WooCommerce plugin so that you can set up an online store.  

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2
Rara Business (111,600+ downloads on

We also offer free themes specifically designed to boost conversions, like Book Landing Page and App Landing Page. These landing page themes are compatible with WooCommerce and have effective page layouts with powerful features like Call-to-Action sections. You get the necessary elements to convert visitors into customers successfully. 

2. Blog Themes

If you are looking for blog themes, we offer those too. Our blog themes focus on readability and offer great navigation with various custom widgets that offer extended options for explorations. Finding numerous content suggestions in the sidebar can definitely make your visitors want to stick around. 

We make sure to add a distinctive element with attractive Google Fonts and more so that your blog can have a premium feel. 

Our blog themes cater to bloggers from different niches, like food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Using our blog themes, like Feminine Pink and the specialized Travel Diaries, you can get a definite leg up on your blogging journey. 

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 3
Elegant Pink (142,000+ downloads on

3. Magazine Themes

We also offer some power-packed online magazine themes, like Metro Magazine and Numinous, that have been very successful. Many free magazine themes are lacking in enough features to make for a compelling website. We make sure that our themes come with distinctive looks and enough theme elements to engage user experience. 

Our online magazine themes come with effective page layouts that display many posts and choices to the visitor coherently. These themes are also useful for experienced bloggers who want a content-rich website.

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 4
Metro Magazine (203,000+ downloads on

4. Education Themes

We offer several education themes, and they have some of the best designs among free education themes out there. Our themes are completely adequate in supporting the online presence of any kind of educational institute. 

Our free education themes offer you a professional design with numerous opportunities to engage and inform the visitors. You can check out Education Zone to see just how versatile they are. 

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 5
Education Zone (248,000+ downloads on

5. Health and Wellness Themes

Rara Themes also specializes in health and wellness themes offering free themes with distinct web design. You can use themes, like Spa and Salon, as they come to set up a beautiful website for your health and wellness service.

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 6
Spa and Salon (111,000+ downloads on

We also have excellent listing themes for portfolio, charity, restaurant, travel agency, and conference.

Each of our themes comes with niche-specific design elements. For example, The Conference is a brilliant event theme that allows you to display a large countdown timer in the header to build anticipation. The theme also supports WooCommerce so that you can set up a ticket payment channel for your event. 

Similarly, the Travel Agency theme is a highly capable theme for travel agencies. It displays your tour products in eye-catching ways, while also displaying key information about those tour products.

6. Built for Performance 

Our themes address key performance needs, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), speed optimization, and responsive design. These are some key aspects of building a website that can limit your growth if done wrong. 

Search Engine Optimization is an important step for pulling in organic traffic. You can draw a lot of new traffic through Google searches. But getting high up in the Google search results can be a tricky process if you’re new to it. 

Having a fast loading website is equally important, as numerous studies like this Pingdom experiment have found out that loading time is directly related to bounce rate. Our free themes are equipped with various tools, such as lazy loading, to boost your loading speeds. 

Similarly, responsive design is an essential feature in WordPress themes these days. At any given time, around half the global internet traffic is originating from mobile devices. Using a theme with responsive design is key to retaining visitors from different gadgets, such as mobile devices and tablets, a no-brainer. 

Free themes by Rara Themes help you avoid all these potential bottlenecks with our performance-optimized codebase. All our free themes are mobile-friendly and optimized for speed and SEO. Our themes also include markup, which is a great way to boost SEO performance. This way, your website can have a smooth start as you begin to figure things out for yourself.     

7. Attractive and User-Friendly Design

At Rara Themes, we ensure that all our themes are eye-catching and have excellent readability. We don’t cut corners when designing the look of our WordPress themes. All our themes come with responsive design, so the visual aesthetic translates well to different devices and screen sizes. 

Our free themes include elegant typography and vibrant color schemes that set a distinct feel for the theme. Using Google Fonts with just the right feel and catchy primary color schemes, we have built some great feminine blog themes, restaurant themes, and wellness themes. 

Take a look at Kalon Chic or Restaurant and Cafe to find some of our elegant free themes. 

We guarantee you a fantastic web presence by using our free themes.

Our themes also feature highly intuitive page design to assure the best user experience. We use thoughtfully designed page headers and header banners. Our themes’ header banners integrate numerous functional elements like Call-to-Action buttons, contact information, and forms in a seamless way. This serves to create the perfect first impression while maintaining a great degree of functionality.

You can also add parallax scrolling to engage the visitors and draw attention to key sections.

8. Powerful Theme Elements

Of course, a strong codebase and visual aesthetic only set the stage for you to provide visitors with the right information. An essential part of good web design is creating an intuitive web surfing experience that can engage and inform. The free themes of Rara Themes are built with numerous theme elements that empower you to do just that. 

We equip our themes with specific tools and design elements to better serve the target niche. This starts with providing just the right home page sections to organize your content in the best way and boost your brand awareness. 

For example, our education themes allow you to build a complete picture of your educational institute with sections, like Featured Courses, Contact Us, Gallery, and Testimonials. Similarly, our business themes include sections such as Services, Case Studies, and Team. 

Our themes also come with several custom widgets to liven up the page and boost engagement. These are incredibly valuable for blogs, and our blog themes have highly engaging sidebars that continuously recommend more content to explore.

We have included Google Maps integration and prominent contact forms to our free themes to boost their functionality. Social media integration allows you to add links to your social media profiles including Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram to increase your online following. Such features are very important to small businesses as it allows them to build an online following and creates the opportunity to generate leads. 

A purposeful design ethic has allowed us to craft effective themes for such specialized niches as travel agencies, events and conferences, and travel agencies. By addressing each of these niches’ needs, we can ensure that our themes can offer the best functionality.

9. Lead Generation 

Our free WordPress themes are also designed for lead generation. Depending upon the theme, we have focused our designs on maximizing the lead generation capability. 

Our themes are optimized for SEO and have a fully responsive design to ensure you retain mobile devices’ traffic. So, you can get a step up on your SEO performance and maintain your smartphone-using audience. 

Our themes come with Call-to-Action (CTA) sections, banner, CTA links to draw visitors to key pages. Our business themes also allow you to place lead generation forms in the header banner for maximum effectiveness. These elements are integrated with user-friendly design for maximum effectiveness.

Landing page themes like Author Landing Page combine all the best elements to boost your conversion rates, free of cost. 

10. WooCommerce Ready

It is a challenge to find good free WordPress themes that work with the WooCommerce plugin. We offer many niche themes that support WooCommerce so that you can set up online stores or online payment portals on your website. 

Many bloggers also use WooCommerce to set up online stores on their websites to sell products, merchandise, and travel guides. We offer elegant blog themes that support WooCommerce so that you can do that too. 

We have different types of business themes that are compatible with WooCommerce for starting an e-commerce website. Rara Business is one of our most popular business themes that is WooCommerce compatible while also allowing you to build your brand image. 

Restaurant and Cafe is a beautiful free WordPress theme for eateries. You can use WooCommerce to set up an online delivery store on your restaurant website. Like Elegant Portfolio, our portfolio themes also support WooCommerce and even come with a Go to Cart button. 

If you are looking to use another e-commerce plugin, then you can try Digital Download. This is a fully-fledged plugin for digital products that supports the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. 

11. Easy to Install and Use 

Our free WordPress themes are easy to install and use, which is just what you need when you’re starting. The one-click demo install feature allows you to install our themes with a single click and begin using them immediately. 

We also provide extensive documentation that should work as user guides for learning to use our themes. We ensure that our themes follow good coding practices too. If you like to tinker with codes, then you will be glad to know that all our themes use clean coded with adequate comments to serve as markers. 

12. Regular Updates

Updates can be one of the common downsides of using free WordPress themes. There are many free WordPress themes out there that have been developed and set on their authors’ sidelines. Using such themes can put you at risk of new security threats and make your website incompatible with the latest versions of WordPress and tools you may use, like WooCommerce.

You can rest assured when using free WordPress themes by Rara Themes. We roll out periodic updates to all our themes, free and premium. This assures that your website can stay up-to-date with the latest web standards.

13. Free and Timely Support

Another common downside to using free WordPress themes is the lack of user support. This is a valid concern as many WordPress authors do not guarantee customer support for users of their free themes. At Rara Themes, we provide timely support to all our users, including those who use our free products. 

We genuinely want to ensure the best possible experience for everyone using our products. We provide technical support with no strings attached! If you’re worried about the quality of our user support, then just take a look at some of these reviews from our free theme users:

Free Responsive WordPress Themes 7
Free Responsive WordPress Themes 8
Free Responsive WordPress Themes 9
Free Responsive WordPress Themes 10
Free Responsive WordPress Themes 11
Free Responsive WordPress Themes 12

We like to stay on the dot when it comes to troubleshooting issues with our products. You will receive prompt support from us to ensure that you are well on your way to achieving your WordPress goals. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are there any hidden fees to using free Rara WordPress themes?

No, there are no hidden fees to using our free WordPress themes. They are 100% free to use! You get all the features promised in the download page completely free of charge. 

2. Can I migrate from a free to premium WordPress theme easily?

Yes, you can easily migrate your site to a premium theme. You simply have to upload the .zip file of the premium theme to your themes’ list on WordPress. 

You can find the option to upload a new theme in Appearance > Themes > Add New. Simply click on Upload Theme and choose the .zip file of the premium theme. Once it is installed in your WordPress, you can activate it with all your settings intact.

3. How do I install and configure the Rara WordPress themes? Do you have documentation for a free theme?

Our themes come with extensive documentation that can walk you through the themes’ installation and configuration process. You can check out our list of theme documentation here. We will walk you through every step of the process, starting with the requirements and installation to the configuration of key elements, depending on the theme.

You also want to check out our FAQ page, where we discuss solutions to common technical queries. 

4. Are your free themes compatible with WooCommerce?

Unfortunately, not all of our free themes are compatible with WooCommerce. But we do offer many themes that work great with the WooCommerce plugin. Check out our themes like Author Landing Page, Creative Business, and Influencer. These are just some of our free themes that support WooCommerce. 

5. What should I look for in a free WordPress theme? Why is Rara the best option?

When it comes to free WordPress themes, you should always choose themes from trusted WordPress authors. You should look for themes that cover the basics of security, performance and meet the WordPress standards.

You get all of that with Rara Themes, along with the added benefit of regular updates and support for all our free themes. Our themes are also specially built to add value to their niches, from business to restaurant themes.

6. Can I customize free Rara WordPress themes?

Customization is a common concern when using free WordPress themes, with most free themes offering no customization features at all. Our themes come with basic customization features that can get you started with creating a distinct visual appearance for your website. 

All our themes come with custom CSS features for basic customizations like changing a section color. You can set the primary color for specific theme elements to give a distinct look for your website. Many of our themes also support custom backgrounds so you can choose from unlimited background colors or upload a custom background image. 

You can try third-party plugins, such as the free Gutenberg block editor for easier customization. 

7. Can I integrate my social media profiles with the free Rara WordPress themes?

Yes, all our free WordPress themes support social media integration. Our themes place your social media profile links at easily visible locations to increase your social media following. Besides popular sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can also integrate profiles from Russian and Chinese social networks, like VK, OK, and Xing. 

Our free blog theme Kalon Chic even comes with an attractive full-width Instagram feed.

8. Can I build multilingual websites with free Rara WordPress themes?

The free WordPress themes by Rara Themes are translation-ready. So, they can be easily localized to the desired language. Our themes also support right-to-left scripts like Arabic.


Free WordPress themes are a great way to start your WordPress journey. By choosing the right WordPress theme, you can create a website with a distinct visual appearance and excellent performance, functionality, and security.

The free WordPress themes of Rara Themes tick all these boxes and are built with great attention to detail to ensure that they meet your needs perfectly. 

Using our free themes doesn’t just give you great premium-like features free of cost, but also guarantees you all the help you need to get started with WordPress in the first place. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Rara Themes right now!