Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Chic Pro WordPress Theme - 9
Chic Pro WordPress Theme - 10
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Chic Pro WordPress Theme
Chic Pro WordPress Theme - 16
Chic Pro WordPress Theme - 17
Chic Pro WordPress Theme

Chic Pro is a beautiful multi-purpose blog theme with a feminine design. This easy-to-use heme comes with detailed options and elaborate features. You can customize this theme easily and set it up in minutes without writing a single line of code. 

This theme has a solid codebase with SEO-friendly features, helping you improve your search engine rankings. Chic Pro is a mobile-friendly theme that adapts fully to all screen sizes. This speed-optimized theme helps provide the best user experience with fast-loading webpages. 

Chic Pro is excellent for optimizing your ad revenue. It comes with Google Adsense-optimized areas to help boost your click-through rate and increase your advertisement earnings. The theme also supports multi-language websites with support for WPML and Polylang plugins

You can create different types of blogs with Chic Pro:

    • Lifestyle Blog - Chic Pro has a perfect look for a lifestyle blog. A gorgeous aesthetic with a highly readable design makes it easy to engage readers in your lifestyle advice. 
    • Fashion Blog - The theme’s feminine design goes well with fashion blogs. You can showcase your latest looks with this theme’s photo-first design. The numerous widgets help to establish your brand and engage your visitors in your fashion posts.
    • Travel Blog - You can easily create an immersive travel blog with this theme. You can share your typing experiences and even give travel tips, categorized and easy-to-access through the Categories tab. 
    • Beauty Blog - Write about beauty tips and tutorials to share them with the world. Chic Pro elegantly lets you share your makeup tips and tutorials.
    • Food Blog - You can share your passion for cooking with this theme. You can write about your favorite cuisines, your food adventures and share the best recipes for your readers to try out. 
    • Parenting Blog - Share your parenting experiences, give parenting tips, and express your deepest feelings about parenthood. 
    • Health Blog -  This highly readable theme is also an excellent choice for health blogs. Share health tips, document your fitness journey, and write about healthy lifestyle choices on your Chic Pro-powered theme. 
    • Self-improvement Blog - Your blog can be a source of motivation and valuable personal tools for individuals trying to better themselves. You can share your own stories on your journey to self-improvement. 
    • Journal Blog - You can put down your random thoughts and day-to-day stories to share with readers.

Chic Pro is for you if:

  • You want a gorgeous, eye-catching WordPress theme without writing a single line of code.
  • You want to start a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, parenting, or travel blog. 
  • You want a fully responsive website that adapts to all screen sizes and all devices.
  • You want to customize your blog without hassle (change the look and feel in a few clicks) and establish a unique look. 
  • Showcase your Instagram posts and increase your Instagram followers with a beautiful Instagram section.
  • Build your mailing list and grow your online following with strategically-placed newsletter forms
  • You want an SEO-friendly, Schema-friendly, and speed-optimized WordPress theme to gain a competitive edge. 
  • Engage visitors with a variety of post suggestions like popular posts and recent posts. 
  • Get world-class support from an enthusiastic team of developers and designers, available on-the-dot. 

Features of Chic Pro WordPress Theme

These are the features of the Chic Pro WordPress theme.

Unique Pre-Made Layouts

Each homepage section is equally valuable and serves essential functions for your blog. Chic Pro offers you multiple layout options for each section that you can mix and match to create the perfect, unique look for your blog site. 

7 Header Layouts 

Chic Pro allows you seven header layout choices to suit your needs. Choose the layout that showcases your blog logo in the best way and highlights the key functions. A distinct header layout can help set your blog site apart from your competition.

24 Home Page Layouts

There are 24 Home Page layouts to organize your content in the way you choose. You can showcase your posts in numerous ways to meet your needs. You can choose the sidebar position on the left or the right, use a full-width homepage, or a centered homepage without a sidebar. You can choose from different available layouts to create a blog site that truly stands out.

7 Slider Layouts

There are 11 different slider layouts to showcase your posts. The slider can highlight your latest or your top posts. You can display a single post at a time or multiple posts together. 

7 Single Post Layouts

There are 7 single post layouts to present your posts in the best light. The layout options also include impressive layouts for your featured image that can be used to boost engagement. You can match the 7 single post layouts with 4 sidebar layouts to create various combinations. 

2 Featured Area Layouts

Chic Pro also comes with a featured area where you can highlight your key links to draw more traffic. You can choose between 2 layouts for the featured area to link unlimited top posts, categories, and pages. 

4 Featured Posts Layouts

There are 4 layout choices for the featured posts section. You can engage the viewers by creating a dynamic harmony of layouts and arrangements. 

4 Popular Post Layouts

You can showcase your popular posts in 4 different layouts. You can try out the different layouts and choose the best combination for your use. 

24 Archive Layouts

There are 24 layouts available for the archive pages. You can choose the layout that is easiest to use. You can make your archive pages easier to navigate with the right layout. This can increase the chances of visitors exploring your older posts. 

4 Pagination Layouts

Chic Pro comes with four pagination styles to suit your needs. You can use Older/Newer, Numbered, or Ajax with Load More Button. You can also use Auto Infinite Scroll Pagination Style if you think that provides a better user experience to your readers. 

Easily Change Theme Color

Does your digital brand demand a specific color for your website? Well, you can easily meet your branding needs by choosing the right theme color. You can change the primary and background color easily from the theme options menu.

Choose desired Fonts from 900+ Google fonts

The right combination of fonts can help you craft a unique feel for your blog site. Chic Pro comes with a collection of 900+ Google Fonts to give you massive customization power. 

Typography Control

This theme comes with detailed typography controls allowing you to style your text as you wish. There are individual settings for the Headings ( H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6) and body so that you can assign custom font sizes and settings to each.

Install Pre-designed Demo with One-Click

Chic Pro has everything prepared so that you can just get started. Our demo content is ready for install with a single click and comes with preconfigured settings. You can save hours spent building your website from scratch!

Gorgeous Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Design

Chic Pro is a fully responsive WordPress theme. You can create a gorgeous website that adapts itself to any device and screen size. You can give a great user experience to desktop and mobile users alike. 

Easy-to-use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

Chic Pro is built with a comprehensive Theme Settings Panel that puts all your necessary controls at your disposal. You don’t need to write even a single line of code. Use the built-in Live Customizer to preview changes as they take place. You can experiment with different looks and choose the ones that work best for you. 

Optimized for Fast Performance 

A fast-loading website is a necessity if you want to retain the visitors who click on your links. Even search engines prefer websites that load faster. Chic Pro comes with built-in performance parameters and other tools that optimize your loading speed for smooth and speedy performance. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) 

This theme is built with expert consultation for our SEO team to boost your blog’s search engine performance. There are various features included to help give you a competitive SEO advantage. 

Google Adsense Optimized Advertisement Areas

Ad revenue is essential for bloggers. So, this theme comes with pre-built advertisement spots that are strategically placed to increase your click-through rate. These ad spots are designed to help improve your ad revenue. 

Advertisement Widget to Easily Place Ads

Chic Pro comes with an Advertisement widget that makes placing advertisements super easy. You can place ads by simply using ad codes or place custom images with a link. You can place ads on the sidebar so that they integrate seamlessly with your blog content. 

WooCommerce Compatible

You can easily create an e-commerce store on your blog with this WooCommerce compatible theme. An integrated e-commerce store within your blog site can be a valuable source of revenue. 

Custom Site Logo with Size Control

You can upload your custom logo to the theme and adjust its size to match the header. You get the built-in logo size control to change the logo size easily.

3 Customizable Banner Options

  1. Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)
  2. Static Image/Video with Newsletter
  3. Banner as Slider 

Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)

You can use a static image or video as the banner along with a Call-to-Action button to draw your readers to a desired page or post.

Static Image/Video with Newsletter

You can place a newsletter form in the header banner to encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog. This makes it more likely for your visitors to subscribe. It is a great way to increase your subscribers’ list. You can then boost engagement by regularly emailing them with your latest posts.

Smooth, Attractive Banner as Slider

You can highlight your latest posts, key pages, or categories in the header. Create seamless slider animations by controlling the slider loop, auto transition, and speed. 

Unlimited Featured Boxes

You can feature your categories or key links in a particular featured area to draw traffic to those areas. You can create unlimited boxes to draw more traffic to key areas.

Featured and Popular Posts Section

You can highlight specific posts on the homepage through the Featured Posts section. You can even choose to display posts from a certain category automatically. The Popular Posts section allows you to display top posts based on post views or number of comments.

Grow Subscribers with Newsletter Subscription

Strategically placed Newsletter sections on the homepage encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. You can even place newsletter forms in the header and footer, where they can display on every page. 

Appealing Instagram Section

Extend your influence over social media with an attractive Instagram section. You can display posts from your Instagram page to draw visitors to it. It is a great way to increase your social media followers. 

Author Bio on Sidebar

Introduce yourself to visitors with the Author Bio widget on the sidebar. You can place your photo along with a short, catchy bio, and your social media links. The Author’s Bio is displayed on every page, which is helpful for branding purposes. 

Notification Bar Settings

The Notification Bar is a great way to boost interaction on your blog. Chic Pro allows you to add a Call-to-Action(CTA) button and Newsletter on the notification bar.

Enrich Visitors Experience with Dark Mode

Chic Pro comes with the handy Dark Mode feature that users can switch to. The dark mode can instantly improve the readability of text and makes your website easy on the eyes. Your readers can explore your blog easily.  

Smart Loading Images for SEO

You get a lazy loading feature with this theme that helps to boost your site speed. Faster loading speed is also a valuable SEO factor and can help you rank higher on search engine results. There are built-in lazy load settings that allow you to toggle lazy loading for different image types. 

Enable/Disable Automatic Image Crop

It is essential to have control over how your post images are displayed. Chic Pro allows you to display your images with or without cropping. This means you can choose to display all your images exactly as they are. 

Author Signature

A personal touch is very desirable in a blog site. It allows your readers to feel closer to you and further enhances your brand. This theme comes with the Author Signature feature, where you can place your signature on posts. 

Footer Copyrights Editor

You can easily edit, add or remove copyright details and any other section from your Footer in Chic Pro.

Built-in Google Analytics Settings

The built-in Google Analytics settings give you valuable performance data that you need to plan your content strategies. You can avoid the hassle of looking for extra plugins to integrate into your website. 

Social Media Integration

Chic Pro allows for easy social media integration. You can add links to major social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, which helps develop your online following. You can add Russian and Chinese social media like OK, VK, Zing, and others.

Sticky Social Shares

Built-in sticky share buttons keep social sharing at an arm’s reach. Visitors can easily share your blog on their social media profiles with a single click. 

Built-in SEO Settings

This theme comes with built-in SEO settings to help optimize your SEO performance. You get control over important SEO features like the last updated date and breadcrumbs.

Shop Page Settings

Chic Pro includes discrete Shop page settings to design your Shop page easily. You can add a custom background image for your Shop page background and add descriptions. The cart button feature allows customers to view their cart items easily.

Lightbox for Images

Lightbox is a great feature that allows visitors to view your photos without distractions. It opens the image in a centered overlay and dims the rest of the page.

Sticky/ Floating Menu

You can also enable the sticky menu feature to offer easy navigation to visitors. They can easily access the header menu at all times to visit other parts of your site. 

Sticky Widget

Make the last widget in the sidebar sticky to draw more attention to it. Add elements like Call-to-Action buttons or advertisements in the sticky widget to boost your conversion. 

Post Excerpt 

Showing post excerpts in the preview box allows visitors to get an idea of what the post is about. It is great for encouraging post visits. You can select post excerpts of up to 100 words. 

Related Posts of the Category or Tags

Suggest related posts of the same category or tags at the end of a single post. You can enjoy a greater engagement of readers.

Comment Section Toggle

Chic Pro comes with the option to toggle the comment section to display at your article’s end. This way, readers can find the comments section without having to scroll to the end. 

Drop Cap

You can add the classic touch to your blog by capitalizing the first letter in every post. 

Back-to-Top Button 

The back-to-top button creates an instant improvement in the user experience. This floating button allows visitors to move to the top of the page instantly. 

Widgets Ready

Chic Pro accommodates widgets quite easily. You can add and arrange widgets in the various widgeted areas for extended functionalities — integrated seamlessly into your website design. 

22 Custom Widgets

Chic Pro comes with 22 custom widgets for extended functionalities. They are highly customizable and help engage visitors with varied options to explore. 

  • Rara: Advertisement
  • Rara: Author Bio
  • Rara: Call To Action
  • Rara: Client Logo Widget
  • Rara: Contact Widget
  • Rara: Custom Categories
  • Email Newsletter Widget
  • Rara: Facebook Page
  • Rara: Featured Page Widget
  • Rara: Icon Text
  • Rara: Image Text
  • Rara: Pinterest
  • Rara: Popular Post
  • Rara: Pricing Table
  • Rara: Posts Category Slider
  • Rara: Recent Post
  • Rara: Snapchat
  • Rara: Social Media
  • Rara: Stat Counter Widget
  • Rara: Team Member
  • Rara: Testimonial
  • Rara: Twitter Feed

Unlimited Sidebar

You can add unlimited sidebars on your site with this theme. Add any number of widgets as per your needs and offer tons of features to visitors. 

Unlimited Background Options

Chic Pro supports custom backgrounds to meet your needs. You can upload any image, color, or pattern as your website background.

Performance Settings

There are built-in performance settings that give you control over various features to make your site faster with the click of a button. 

Portfolio Page Template

You can easily showcase your portfolio to visitors using Chic Pro’s built-in portfolio page template. 

Cross-Browser Compatible 

Chic Pro works seamlessly with popular web browsers. The theme is tested on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari to ensure cross-browser compatibility. 

Easy Legibility

The combination of font type, size, spaces, and contrast strikes the perfect balance with Chic Pro. The carefully honed design assures that your website will be easy on the eye and fun to explore. 

Schema Friendly

Recent Google announcements mean that Schema is an important ranking factor. So, Chic Pro comes with Schema integration to help search engines understand your content better and present your site in more relevant ways on search results. 

RTL Scripts Ready

Chic Pro works seamlessly with right-to-left scripts as they do with left-to-right scripts. This means that it works perfectly with right-to-left languages like Arabic. 

Translation Ready

The theme is translation-ready, and you can easily translate it to build your website in your local language. 

Polylang Compatible (Multi-language)

Are you looking to draw an international audience with your blog site? Chic Pro is compatible with the Polylang plugin for building multi-language websites easily.

WPML Compatible (Multi-language)

You get different choices for the right tool to build your multi-language blog site. The theme also supports the WPML plugin for multilingual functions.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

You can rest assured about your site’s future security with Chic Pro. We maintain our themes with regular updates, so you get the latest security patches and continued compatibility with future versions of WordPress and any plugins you may use.

Clean Codes

This theme is built with the best coding practices resulting in clean, well-organized, and commented codes. If you like to make changes directly to the code, you should find it easy to understand the code base for this theme. 

Extensive Documentation

We believe that building a website should be an easy, hassle-free experience. So, we provide step-by-step documentation with Chic Pro that walks you through the process of setting up your website. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

Our world-class support team is ready to offer our help promptly and at every step. You can reach out to us for any questions or confusion.


  • I love the premium theme and the possibilities this gave you.
    The assistance is fantastic because it always assist me. I recommend this theme and every other theme from the RARA team. You will be satisfied.

  • About one year ago I purchased a theme with Rara and the service and support that comes with it is unmatched to any other. They help me more than my own domain host!

    I cannot say enough good things about the support and help. Top! 10/10 recommend

  • The theme is really well made and simple to use, fast and precise assistance!!!

  • Stunning Designs: RaraThemes consistently delivers visually stunning and modern designs. Their themes provide a polished and professional look right out of the box.
    As a non-techie, I appreciate how user-friendly their themes are. Installing and customizing a theme has never been easier. The intuitive interfaces and detailed documentation make the process a breeze, even for beginners.The RaraThemes support team deserves a special shoutout. They are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and patient. Any questions or issues I’ve had were addressed promptly and effectively. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

  • Love the quick and helpfull support. As a newbie to making a website, this has been above expectation.

  • First time I’m working with Wordpress and I instantly chose the Chic theme from Rara because of its nice and elegant look. The free theme is already amazing and easy to use for me as being a Wordpress beginner. After few weeks working on my website, I decided to switch to the Chic Pro theme and I was impressed by the many features. Also, I found the pricing and licensing being fair. First, I had a formatting issue but it was quickly solved by the professional and friendly help of the Rara support team. From my first impressions, I would say this was definitely a worthy purchase and I can recommend Rara not only for the user experience but also for the great support.

  • The Chic Pro theme and its descendant Travel Voyage were selected as themes for a glass manufacturing company. And in this matter they work 100%.
    The website that is under construction looks light, fresh, modern and, above all, professional!
    Special attention and praise should be given to the tech support that is behind the developer and is simply excellent! Absolutely. Every doubt that arose during the construction of the website was almost immediately dispelled with the provision of a ready solution. No question remained unanswered. Today it rarely happens anymore – and no matter how – I don’t know anyone from the RARA team, which is based in Nepal. I am writing these words from Poland.
    With best regards!
    I recommend this theme and every other theme from the RARA team. You will be satisfied.

  • For some reason, I chose Chic Pro as the structure for a brand new website, in fact, it was a gift, I gave this website to a special friend.

    During the construction of the web page, I had to adjust the size of some fonts to suit the display of Chinese characters. RARA’s service team gave me a lot of help and solved the problems I encountered.

    In fact, there are many similar web frameworks on the Internet, and you need to choose one that is eager to help.

    RARA is so trustworthy.

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