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Education Zone Free Theme
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Features of Education Zone Free Theme
Features of Education Zone Free Theme -One click demo import
Features of Education Zone Free Theme
Social Media integration in Education Zone Free Theme
Features of Education Zone Free Theme - Layouts
Features of Education Zone Free Theme- Layouts
Education Zone Layouts option
Features of Education Zone Free Theme - Layouts
Features of Education Zone Free Theme - Layouts
Different Section in Education Zone
Customizable Banner in Education Zone Theme
Features of Education Zone Free Theme
Features Education Zone Free Theme
Features of Education Zone Free Theme
Builtin Live Customizer-Education Zone Theme
Features of Education Zone Free Theme
Features of Education Zone Free Theme - RTL Compatible

Whether you are looking to create a website for your school or any other educational institution, the Education Zone WordPress theme is your perfect solution. 

The Education Zone theme is super easy to use, even for those with no coding skills. That’s not all. The most modern features come for free. 

The theme’s mobile friendliness makes it easy to use on any device with any screen size. SEO optimization and Schema friendliness are other notable features of this theme. These features ensure improved search engine rankings for your website.

With an attractive landing page design, you can use this theme for attracting visitors and motivating them to explore further. As this theme has various sections, you can engage your visitors in the depth of your website with features, like a banner with CTA, blog, featured courses, success stories, extra information, galleries, and more. 

Additionally, the visually appealing design is something you can take advantage of. Clever use of an ideal blend of colours and attractive fonts works just right in this theme. Moreover, you can use the one-click demo import to create a fully-functional website in just a few minutes. 

Also, if you want to customize the default design, the theme customizer lets you adjust your website as you wish while offering a real-time preview of changes for precise and dynamic personalization. You can also set the background colour and image to display your brand’s identity cleverly.

Not to mention, this theme is WooCommerce compatible, and hence, setting up an online store feels like a piece of cake. And, if you want your website and its content to pop up on social media platforms, social media integration does the perfect job. 

On top of that, the theme is translation ready, so you can make your website accessible to visitors and customers from different regions. Also, the widget-ready design enables you to add as many widgets as required enhancing your website’s functionality.

Overall, the Education Zone WordPress theme commits to giving educational institutions a hassle-free website experience for free. Give it a try and find out for yourself!

Education Zone is for you if:

  • You are looking for an easy-to-use WordPress theme for your educational institution, including school, college, university, and other educational purposes.
  • You want to show why you are the best with a fully functional website.
  • You want to overcome the hassle of hiring developers.
  • You want a free theme with all the modern exclusive features.
  • You want your website to be accessible on any device and any screen size.
  • You want an SEO-ready and Schema-friendly theme for a higher rank on search engines. 
  • You want to give a personal touch to your website. 
  • You want your visitors to have an engaging experience on your website. 
  • You want a fast-performing user-friendly website. 
  • You need fast and reliable expert support for any theme-related issues and confusion.

Features of Education Zone

The Education Zone WordPress theme is your top-notch choice, with excellent features for enhancing your education website. The modern aesthetic features in this theme allow you to build a website of your choice. So, be ready to witness a smooth website-building experience with the extraordinary features equipped on this theme.

Attractive Landing Page Design

The theme’s homepage is particularly eye-catching, with a full benefit of design elements. Visitors will be more inclined to read your content because of its attractive design. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

The responsive design of Education Zone makes it appear great on every screen size on any device. This feature will improve your site’s search engine rankings. 

Free One-Click Demo Import

Don’t get trapped debating over which website layout options to go with. A simple click will import the demo, and you’ll have a fully functional website up and running quickly. This feature allows you to import default design, settings, layouts, style, and content, saving you hours of work.

Optimized for Speed and Performance

Create a quicker-loading site to lower the site’s bounce rate. With Education Zone, your visitors’ browsing experience will always be fast, efficient, and trouble-free. In addition, a fast-performing website further helps with improved SEO rankings. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

The Education Zone theme is built with modern SEO practices to help you stay competitive and improve your site’s rank in search engines. With this, you will hold a significant advantage over the competition. Markup

With integration on the Education Zone WordPress theme, Google will understand your content better. It leads to more accurate indexing and a higher placement for relevant keywords in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Social Media Integration

Social media is an integral part of today’s culture, and the Education Zone is well aware of this. Reaching out to more audiences and boosting your business becomes a breeze with social media integration. You can link popular social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to your site. 

Banner Section

The built-in banner section stands out prominently on your site. The banner is a great place to feature your most-read or most-recent posts to attract additional readers. To spice up the banner area, you can either add a single image or randomly rotate multiple images. You can also add a call-to-action button here to encourage users to take the next step. 

Information Section

The information section is where you can highlight your posts. Use this space to highlight important details and direct site visitors to the content they came to see. 

Welcome Section

A warm greeting makes your visitors and potential clients feel welcome. So why not add some welcoming words and interesting remarks to the Welcome Section and give the impression that you care about your guests? Further, adding a call-to-action button and links to relevant pages on your site can increase the chances of students actually buying your products or services. 

Featured Courses Section

Make sure your most talked-about courses get seen by everyone by including them in the Featured Courses area. You may get more people interested in the courses by highlighting them with short descriptions and adding call-to-action (CTA) links to specific pages. 

Extra Info Section

Include details like your institution’s course offerings, tuition rates, scholarship opportunities, and more in this section. Your customers will appreciate this extra insight into your educational institution. 

Why Choose Us Section

The Why Choose Us section is where your visitors will find the answers to their inquiries. In this section, you can explain why working with your organization will be beneficial. In turn, this will help you gain the trust of your site’s users and generate more leads. 

Testimonials Section

Including a Testimonials Section where you can show off the reviews from happy students can help you earn more credibility. This way, potential customers would know they can rely on your institution. As a result, lead generation is significantly improved. 

Blog Section

Adding a blog is a tried and true method of keeping people interested and involved with your site. You can add your blog to Education Zone’s specialized Blog Section, which will always be visible to visitors. This section will display on the homepage and help you attract the attention of your site visitors. 

Gallery Section

Include stunning pictures of your institution and the exciting things learners get to do through the courses. It will help students picture themselves associating with your institution. Moreover, a gallery part improves your site’s visual appeal and keeps users interested. 

2 Customizable Banner Options

The banner at the top of your website will be the first thing visitors see. Therefore, Education Zone provides two different banner options, and you can use it to create an engaging introduction.

1. Static Image with Call-to-Action (CTA)

Banners with prominent Calls to Action (CTAs) can help you guide visitors to important pages to take action, which can further help increase leads. You can add an image to your banner to make it more interesting.

2. Static Image with Post

Using the eye-catching banner sliders, you can draw more attention to your most important content, including your blogs and sections. You can adjust the slider with its sleek and sophisticated controls.

4 Custom Widgets

Add features to your website with this theme’s preset library of 4 customizable widgets

  • Rara: Popular Post
  • Rara: Recent Post
  • Rara: Social Links
  • Rara: Author Post

Unlimited Background Color Options

The Education Zone WordPress theme allows you to customize the background colour. Not just that, you can also set a custom background image.

Create an Online Shop (WooCommerce Compatible)

This theme’s WooCommerce compatibility makes launching an online shop related to your institution simple. You can sell merchandise and products, such as uniforms, books, stationery items, etc. It’ll make your site into a fully-fledged virtual storefront. 

Built-in Live Customizer

Adjust the theme’s settings in one convenient place and see your adjustments in real-time. With this feature, you can see your website’s live, public version. 

Cross-Browser Compatible

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and every other popular browser have all been thoroughly tested with Education Zone. Rest assured, your website will display correctly on the latest version of most major browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge and provide visitors with an optimal surfing experience. 

Widget Ready Design

There is plenty of room for you to incorporate your widgets into the theme and expand the site’s functionality. You have complete control over the site’s appearance while still being able to add and manage widgets easily. The widget can be rearranged in any way you like.

Easy Legibility

We give special attention to making the text easy to read by using the best possible mix of colour, contrast, font type, font size, and spacing. Guests will be awed by your homepage. 

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

We frequently release updates with enhanced features to keep our product in line with evolving technical requirements, new versions of WordPress, and security enhancements. 

One-Click Update

Keeping track of release dates might take a lot of work for you. Don’t panic! This theme has a one-click update button, making software updates a walk in the park.

Footer Credit Options

Using this function, you can update the site’s copyright information

Translation Ready

Translating all of your website’s content into any language only takes a few clicks. This theme stands out as it can be easily translated into any language to promote localization.

RTL Scripts Ready

The theme is compatible with both Left-to-right and Right-to-left scripts. Having your site translated into various languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and others, is possible.

Extensive and Beginner Friendly Documentation

Even if WordPress themes and their functionalities lie outside your experience, you can install the theme quickly and easily with the help of step-by-step guides. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

Still trying to figure out the theme, or have some ideas? Submit a ticket to our helpful support staff with your question, and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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  • The theme is one I’ve been considering as a better alternative to my current one. It’s been doing pretty well in the tests, and responds well to customizations.

    The team behind it is pretty good, and has responded fairly quickly, even with me not being a premium theme user. If this theme’s style and look fits your site, then I recommend it.

  • I get all the Time every help I need.

  • Nice Theme

  • On behalf of COLLEGE MIXTE BAYARD GUERSON, we recommend that everyone purchase items from the Rara theme because they care about customers, and they respond to your email without a few hours. And they help you to solve your problem.

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  • I have been working with the Rara Team for almost two years. I originally bought the yearly theme club and because of the quick, and helpful responses, I upgraded to the lifetime membership.

    Hands down, no joke it is quite hard these days to get good customer service for whatever reason with businesses these days and it shows! Not with the Rara Theme support team, I am not kidding when I say, they are extremely helpful, quick to respond, the themes are easy to navigate (compared to others that sell WordPress themes) and all of them are friendly and supportive. I have tried many in the past and was left in the dark with their customer service, a difficult built-in application that is separated from WordPress, and then an upcharge if you wanted something more advanced.

    I am so very happy with Rara Themes that I have purchased the lifetime pro theme club!
    Thank you for all of your help, support, and kindness as it does show through email communication 🙂 Thank you! Jeanette

  • Very good support team, I have the demo version, and when I had a question the answer from them was very quick and very fine. Thank you.

  • I’m not a WordPress specialist but I want to create a site myself to be autonomous. Thanks to Rara Team’s very effective daily support, I’m very confident in the fact that I will succeed!

  • The teams support has been great. Thanks

  • Education Zone Pro is an elegant theme. It is well designed. But the best point about this theme for non-techies like me is the help and assistance that the Rama support team provides. They respond quickly, fully, and personally to each request. They are a fine example of what can be done when people set out to give real satisfaction. It is so refreshing to deal with real people who speak good English rather than the slow responding robots so beloved of so many techies.

  • Up to now, a very good theme and support.

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  • I love this theme! But what I love most about it is that the support is so quick and good. Every time I freaked out because something didn’t work the way I wanted to, I would send an email and get a helpful and friendly response within 24h. The website looks great and just the way I wanted it to look. Thanks for your help!

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    To me, customer support is the most important thing any business can offer, and the support I get here is the best.

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  • If we ever have an issue with this theme, they are quick to respond to help sort it out.
    I would highly recommend it.

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    Thanks again for this help, well done.

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  • I’m absolutely happy with this theme and with the fantastic support. They’re answering faster than other support team for commercial themes. Go on!

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  • Excellent features. Very well laid out. Functions beautifully and is especially well done for mobile devices. Also very versatile. I use this theme for a variety of primary content, from services to various product offerings. Not just for education or similar offerings. But what really sets it apart is the support. I have never used a theme that is so responsive to my needs, questions, etc.

  • this is a great theme made all the better by the excellent support. I needed a few things sorting out (alignment of tables on generated posts wasn’t what I needed) and on two occasions the support team came back within 12 hours with custom CSS and instructions on how to apply it.

    Very good.

  • The education zone pro theme comes with lots of customization and features to really make the site your own and allows for extensive detail. Some small issues can be easily fixed by the support which replied quickly and got a few small problems sorted in minutes.

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